Bean Bag Chair - Large

199 AED 545 AED

The Bean Bag chair is an amazing product for kids and adults. They are tough and tons of fun for kids to sink into, whether they are relaxing together with the family or daydreaming off on their own.

  • Great for indoor use
  • Soft yet durable
  • Comfortable seating solution
  • Suitable for children age 8+

Material: Monks. High-quality fabric.

Blue (Fabric)
Raspberry (Fabric)
Maroon (Fabric)
Chocolate Brown (Fabric)
Dall Beige (Fabric)
Caramel (Fabric)
Blue Gray (Fabric)
Beige (Fabric)
Wash Oak (Fabric)
Grey (Fabric)
Beige (PVC)
Maroon (PVC)
Chocolate Brown (PVC)
Brown (PVC)
Black (PVC)
Red (PVC)