8 sleep apps to help you snooze better

8 sleep apps to help you snooze better

Apr 27, 2023
Liz Tabron

With the stresses of daily life, not to mention the worries of the current economic climate, it’s no wonder many of us struggle to get the quality sleep we need. Taking time to relax before bed is important for maximising sleep quality, but calming a racing mind at the end of the day is easier said than done. Whether your aim is to ease your anxiety or you battle with regular sleep disruptions, it’s well worth considering using a sleep app to help you achieve better sleep. 

So, if listening to the soothing sounds of nature is magic to your ears or meditation is more your thing, then make sure to check out these eight sleep apps that are sure to help you to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

What is a sleep app?

If you find it difficult to wind down before bed so you can get the quality sleep you need, a sleep app can be a really useful tool. There are many sleep apps available, serving a range of purposes - some make use of relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep faster, guided breathing and ones that track your sleep. 

Most sleep apps are free to download, but with some, you’ll need to purchase a subscription to access advanced features and new content. Many offer free trials, allowing you to give them a try to see what works best for you before committing to a subscription. Most sleep apps are compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and there’s some that can be used on your smartwatch too. 


The highly rated sleep app, Calm, is recommended by therapists, mental health experts and psychologists. On this app you will find guided meditations, sleep stories for both adults and children, breathing programs, stretching exercises and relaxing music. The app is ideal for beginners and also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users too.

Sleep Cycle

The Sleep Cycle app is ideal if you want to learn more about how well you sleep. As well as the ability to track your sleep patterns and providing tips on how to optimise your sleep time, the app also offers relaxing stories and guided meditation. There’s even a smart alarm clock function that will gently wake you up during the lightest stage of your sleep cycle.


The Slumber app gives you a combination of experiences, such as meditation sessions or soothing bedtime stories, aimed to quiet the mind and help you fall asleep in no time. With this sleep app you can also select from a range of background noises, like the rain or the crashing of the ocean waves for example, to play for up to 10 hours after the main track finishes. New stories and meditations are added to the app each week.


SleepWatch - a top rated sleep tracker app - has been created to help you find your best sleep by tracking and analysing. With this app you can record sleep sounds, such as snoring and coughing, access personalised insights to help you get a better night’s sleep, find your ideal bedtime and wake up time and much more. There’s also a customisable white noise library, which offers a range of sounds that can be mixed to create a unique soundscape. 


Moshi is a highly recommended sleep app for kids, offering digital bedtime stories to help your child fall asleep more easily. Most of the stories feature animated illustrations and last between 15-20 minutes. The stories can also be downloaded for when there’s no internet connection available, which is ideal for when you’re travelling.


Noisli is a great sleep app for white noise and is simple yet highly effective. With this app you can choose from a range of different sleep sounds, such as white noise, thunder and wind, so you can create your perfect sleep soundtrack. What’s more, you can combine the sleep sounds you love and save them in the app ready for future use.


Headspace is perfect for people who struggle to get enough sleep and is ideal for those who deal with daily stress and anxiety. This popular relaxation app offers guided meditation programs for sleep, stress, improving focus and becoming more resilient. It has a dedicated sleeping aids section, with meditation ‘sleepscasts’, which are 45-55 minute long audio experiences, that help you to visualise calming experiences to help promote a better night’s rest.


Pzizz is a highly rated sleep app that’s designed to help you quickly quiet your mind, fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. The app uses dreamscapes - a mix of music, voiceovers and sound effects - which are created using the latest clinical research to help you obtain better sleep at night or can even be used to take power naps during the day. With Pzizz you can adjust the volume levels of music, vocal tracks and sound effects to achieve your desired sound.

How to choose a sleep app

With plenty of sleep apps to choose from, it can be a little tricky deciding which one to use. To help you select the most suitable app, you’ll need to think about what you need in order for you to sleep better. Do you find it difficult to fall or stay asleep? Is your mind constantly racing with thoughts as soon as you climb into bed? Working out what areas of your sleep need a little help, will point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing a sleep app. Sleep apps have many features in common, so you’re sure to find one that best suits your needs - these include:

  • Sleep tracking

  • Alarm clocks

  • Relaxing music and soothing sounds

  • Sleep advice and coaching

  • Guided meditation and breathing

  • Sleep stories

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to research the app’s functions, plus don’t forget to read the reviews too, which can offer a really useful insight, making it easier for you to choose the best one.