Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Silentnight been operating in the United Arab Emirates?
Is Silentnight in the UAE part of the same Silentnight in the United Kingdom?
Does Silentnight make non-standard mattresses and beds?
How long does it take for Silentnight to deliver a mattress or a complete bed?
How many spring types does Silentnight use in the manufacture of mattresses?
What is the largest mattress Silentnight make?
What warranties does Silentnight UAE offer in the Beds and mattresses?
Can you link two single beds together?
How often should I turn my mattress?
Can I change the height of my bed base?
What thicknesses are the Silentnight mattresses?
Can I have drawers in the bed base?
Does Silentnight use memory foam in beds?
Does Silentnight have No Turn mattresses available?
Does Silentnight beds have wheels/caster on the bases?
Does Silentnight make Headboards?
Can I supply my own fabric for my bed?
Do Silentnight supply accessories?