Silentnight 5-Year Warranty

Silentnight understands the significance of a great night’s sleep. With over 30 years experience as a bed manufacturer, Silentnight values the consumer’s sleep pattern and choice of comfort and style. Silentnight is confident in the quality of beds and mattresses that it gives everyone a 5-year warranty against faulty materials and workmanship. 

Silentnight also offer a range of fire retardant mattresses for the contract and hospitality sector all tested in Silentnight’s UK certified laboratories. 

Silentnight UAE endeavours to include all the likely information you will need when looking for a new or replacement mattress or bed. If you cannot find the information you are looking for then please drop us a line outlining your needs and we will contact you with the information you need, remember – there is no obligation to purchase by asking questions and it will be our pleasure to contact you with answers to those questions.