Support Systems Guide

What is a mattress support system?

The mattress support system is a vital component that makes up the core of the mattress and is key to support, comfort and sleep quality.

Silentnight's sprung mattresses feature either a Miracoil or Mirapocket support system and offer zoned support for better spinal alignment.

The secret to better posture has been revealed

A third of adults suffer from lower back pain. To combat this all of our mattresses are zoned to add extra support to the hips and shoulders, which promotes healthy spinal alignment and back posture.

We teamed up with the University of Central Lancashire to put our zoned mattresses to the test. Studies revealed that our zoned mattresses beat non-zoned mattresses hands-down to scientifically prove they're better at supporting your spine in key areas around the lower back and pelvis.

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Miracoil support system

Silentnight's Miracoil spring system offers outstanding support, superior spinal alignment, maximises sleeping space and reduces "roll-together" for less partner disturbance - making it ideal for couples.

This open coil spring system features a continuous length of wire 'knitted' into a series of interwoven springs, which are - unlike most open coil systems - linked vertically rather than horizontally to offer firmer support for you and your partner.

The benefits of Miracoil:

Zoned support for perfect spinal alignment
Designed to offer firmer support
No roll-together for less partner disturbance

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Mirapocket support system

Each mattress with our Mirapocket spring unit contains individual small springs housed in their own separate fabric pockets which respond independently to each other. Each spring helps to spread your weight evenly across the bed providing the perfect support and comfort that's second to none.

The benefits of Mirapocket

Pocket springs which conform and adjust to body weight for luxurious comfort
Individual responsive springs to provide tailored support
Edge to edge springs for maximum sleep space
Scientifically proven to improve spinal alignment and posture

Foam support systems

A foam support system provides a foam core without the need for springs. For those who love the cocooning-feel of memory foam, a foam support system adds further absorption and more body moulding.

Our Studio and Mattress-Now ranges come with foam support systems. They’re also available with FREE next day delivery and arrive rolled and boxed for extra convenience.

- Edge to edge support
- Cocooning feel from head-to-toe
- Tested in our in-house sleep lab
- Body moulding

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